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Press Fitting Grounding Studs for Automotive Customer

Information on the project

In this project, processing the earthing stud was carried out by a 4 column press (manual workstation) for pressing the stud into the car's wheel house. The customer part was not pre-punched.


In the press-in machine, the studs were sorted in a bowl feeder, separated and fed one-by-one into the setting head. Customer parts were inserted manually into the machine and positioned under the setting head. The press-in process was started via the 2 hand control.




TOX®-Column press MAG 030 with pressing tools


Drive Used:

TOX®-ElectricDrive EPMK 200


  • Press force 200 kN (20 tons)
  • Total stroke 300 mm

Project Facts

  • Manual insertion of the customer part
  • Automatic positioning of the customer part
  • Automatic feeding of the element
  • Automatic press fitting including process monitoring

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Industrie: Auto-industrie
Toepassingen: Functional elements

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